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Updated 3-05-2021

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Don’t miss Women’s Mountain Retreat 2021!  Our dates for 2021 had to be changed due to a scheduling conflict with the convention center, but WOMEN’S MOUNTAIN RETREAT will be held August 12th -14th at THE RAMSEY HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTER in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I can’t wait to see you there!



The Falling Star

America The Beautiful

Our only hope: The Throne Room of Grace!

  • We have been going through a “night season”: Night is a daily period of darkness where there is no light from the sun. Simply: the time between evening and morning!
    1. There is a dangerous oddity that can come in this period called “nightshade”! It can bring night blindness:  But sadly, we have a very small Remnant of “Night Watchers”.  The night watcher saw that darkness was falling; they could see into the coming darkness and warn God’s people that night is soon falling;
      1. The problem is: God’s people seemed to not be alarmed or afraid of the dark, mainly because we just couldn’t believe it would get this bad!
  • The evidence was stacked up against us…it was clear, and we had NO defense! When darkness fell on America, the stage had been set:
    1. The Supreme Court had voted to sacrifice innocent, breathing babies to be slaughtered…sacrificed!
    2. What we didn’t know, or see, there were enemies within: unbelievable forces, sneaky tactics from a faction that want many sins to be lawful, (to remove) Christ from every meeting place in Washington and His pictures, in fact, all references to Christ just vanished, and they continue to work toward that end!
    3. The reason we have so many personal liberties is because, somehow, by the Grace of God, the people, who want Jesus removed have maintained the loudest voice in Washington: keeping and continually imposing hard, fast restraints on the lawmakers. If it’s unlawful in the Word of God, they want it lawful here on earth. 

But we do have a voice: A very loud voice, but not enough of God’s people are crying out to the King of Kings…the Lord of Lords…in any darkness, there is “LIGHT”….In a manger, on a Cross, and standing outside Joseph’s tomb…Jesus is The Light in this world!  There is not enough darkness to put out that LIGHT!!!  There is a way to state our case:  we don’t have to state it to the Supreme Court…There is a court in Heaven with all power…when we rest our case at His feet, in His court, Miracles beg into happen…God’s court is a Rom called “Grace”!  The Throne Room of Grace!  We will always be heard in this Throne room:  Let your voice be heard…God will always decide in our favor!


























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