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**Updated JULY 5th**

– WMR Update from Kyla
– Updated Schedule

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                          WOMEN”S MOUNTAIN RETREAT 2017: 

                                 The Year Not To Be Missed!

Register now and make plans to attend Women’s Mountain Retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN, August 24,25, & 26!

I know we have written only good things about Women’s Mountain Retreat prior to a Conference, but, truly, this year is a little different!  I have me a promise, the likes of which God has never given…not like this one!

I was praying, ” God, in Heaven, bless all we try to do; Lord, send the Holy Ghost to move among us, doing what only He can do. There are those who haven’t yet given You their heart, those who are overloaded with the burdens and cares of life.

“Oh, Father, if we don’t feel Your presence what dark and lonely days these will be.”  Then, He spoke.

God spoke directly to my heart so plainly, so sweetly, “I’LL BE THERE!”

Women of God, my sisters in battle, I feel His blessed presence just writing those three words to you, “I’ll be there.”  He was speaking from His heart to mine…how comforting, how encouraging, and, oh, I can hardly wait!!!

What a Mighty, Holy, Omnipotent God we serve: He has never broken a promise to His little helpless children, and, for sure, He will not break this one..

He will be there!  I hope all of you will be there, too.

Make plans now: register for the meetings, make your hotel reservations at Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN for August 24, 25, & 26, 2017



 WMR 2017 Brochure-Flyer -corrected

Women’s Mountain Retreat Schedule                                                      

Thursday evening  August 24th @ 7:30pm

Friday evening       August 25th @ 7:30pm

Saturday morning  August 26th @ 9:30am






























 A special message from Kyla about “Women’s Mountain Retreat 2017”

One of the most exciting things in knowing the Lord is when He speaks. He speaks to “you.”  What a voice!  We know His voice, so when he spoke about seven years ago that He wanted me to have a Ladies’ Retreat in Pigeon Forge I knew I had no choice, though, at that moment it seemed a little daunting.

Why do we always have that little fear that it’s too big for us?  It’s not our job to get it done:  He ordered it so He knew long before He mentioned it to me what and how things needed to be done; I just took direction and God did the rest!
Women’s Mountain Retreat has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for women!

We will come together again at the Music Road Hotel Convention Center this August 24, 25, & 26;  some new speakers, new and beautiful moments of prayer because, for the fourth time, the “WALL OF PRAYER” is going up again in 2017!  This time it will be different…I’ll be telling you all about it, in fact, I’ll be in touch every two weeks talking about Dr. Angeline Godwin who will be speaking for the first time in our retreat…about Barry Rowland, who has a testimony that will break and thrill your heart at the same time!

I hope, if it’s God’s will, you can also make plans to attend the Thursday evening Seminar:  The subject is a question only you can answer: “What Will I Leave Behind?”  We need to be reminded that God stores our prayers in vials and our tears in bottles…that’s how important they are to Him!  The Truth is, they will be as powerful after we’re gone as the day we prayed those prayers and shed the tears we, as women, find running from our eyes so often.  But not one tear is in vain when we shed them before our Father!

This year will be a year of some new things, some old things we always seem to love, and more than anything, the arrival of the presence of God, the Moving of the Holy Ghost and our eyes beholding, once again, a Cross, a Savior and a Grace we just can’t live without.

I love the women of God!  I love those who have not yet made Him God of their lives and I have a deep compassion for the hurting.

Oh, how glorious to be a part of a meeting that was ordained by God, attended by God, and blessed by His big Hand!

In Him,




**Updated: December 2, 2016**

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