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“Women’s Mountain Retreat!”

(The Greatest Gathering of the year for Christian Women)

Just as COVID continues to change people’s lives, the same is true in our church activities. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about as you’ve seen on our website.

As far as we know, this hopefully, will be the final change for WMR. We are going to our original month. Our God is not restricted in blessing His children; not by time of day nor time of month or week!!

Women’s Mountain Retreat is scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 19, 20, & 21, of 2021.

We have other very exciting announcements to make, which includes the wonderful news that the beautiful Ramsey Hotel in Pigeon Forge will once again welcome WMR for this glorious yearly event!! God intends to see WMR move ahead; Glorifying & honoring His Holy Name, and raising our hands and hearts as we worship His Darling Son!

There is much more exciting news to come, so stay tuned to this website as we unveil exciting announcements that this the “can’t miss” event of 2021!



                  ANNOUNCING:  WOMEN’S MOUNTAIN RETREAT 2021!!

























 A new installment of “The Shepherd’s Wife” has been added!

Sarah Mason” and “The Shepherd’s Wife
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