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“Women of God” everywhere, I am bringing you a plea, asking you to do what only we can do.  Look for this important, vital message this Saturday before noon.  I’m

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Crying Out For Our Children

The most effective start for these prayers is always praying for the Mothers and Fathers.  “Lord, we have children living in every conceivable situation:”

Moms and Dads: Good moral people, but know nothing about God, the Holy Spirit, or a living Savior…Moms and Dads that do not marry…Moms and Dads who take drugs, are alcoholics, and have any number of issues that leave their children with not a lot to hang onto…

Poverty, sometimes, is not the parents fault, but it is a difficult environment for little ones…There are parents without natural affection, leaving their children with empty, heartless lives…Then, there are mothers who simply cannot provide for their baby: perhaps they have never met the Provider face to face, heart to heart…they give them up to adoption…Children of divorce always get hurt…maybe they’re better off without an alcoholic, mean father…perhaps they never knew their fathers: but whether the divorce is needed, whether it is congenial, no matter the circumstance, children are always left lonely, some blame themselves; the children get the bad end of almost every negative situation one way or the other…

The Worst Situation

We all have known, or have heard of those who suffer pain and darkness, the emotional torture of a parent who suffers from mental illness: They refuse to admit it;

They refuse to take medicines prescribed…They don’t seek help, or, have very little money and don’t realize there is help for them, even in that case; You may be thinking it just can’t get worse than all this: Oh, but it can, and does every day…EVERY DAY there are precious little children…innocent…helpless, many of them dying slow, miserable deaths from pure evil…EVIL! 

Women especially, have within us a God-given compassion, a sympathy that causes us to want to reach out…this is a beautiful way to help many we could never otherwise reach! 

These all break our hearts, yet, it does get worse: A parent who brutalizes their own children, fathers who horribly misuse their little girls….

Then, there are the children kidnapped, snatched from their homes…their lives are always a horror from there!!!


Who is crying out for the children?  We hear about these hideous, horrifying events and, far too often, shake our heads, and our only show of concern is an, “Oh, my, isn’t that awful?!”

Yes!!  It’s too “awful” to think about…imagine or dwell on, so, we, as God’s children; we, who can at any time of the day or night, have a private audience with the God of all Glory!  With a God who, Himself, asked the question, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14).  God is asking Abraham this concerning Sarah laughing at having a child at ninety years of age!

Again, in Jeremiah 32:17 Jeremiah proclaims, “there is nothing too hard for thee!”

In verse 27, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?”  God asked all His children this question!  If we answer, “No, Holy God, there isn’t,” how many really believe this?

I confess, ashamed and rebuked, many times I act as though, pray as though, it isn’t really, really true.  God forgive me!  Women of God; I am begging God, “Lord, break our hearts for the little ones who are victims of evil, with no way of escape!  Lord, start a fire in our hearts there will not flicker…ever!  Lord, may we pray, humble and broken until the world will be astounded…asking “what’s going on with the children?”  We will know!  There is a prayer meeting going on in the hearts of women everywhere, living what Mary, Mother of John began years ago when she called a prayer meeting in her little home…”they prayed without ceasing” and God sent an angel to Peter, broke his chains, and walked him out of Herod’s prison into FREEDOM!

Women’s Mountain Retreat 2020 has been rescheduled!

Our world is currently experiencing something unlike any of us have ever experienced.  The Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting our normal day to day lives worldwide, and in a short time we have all had our lives impacted in one way or another, but God is, and always has been in control!  We believe that as Christians, the Church, and The Greatest Nation on earth, we can persevere and, by His Amazing Grace, make it victoriously to the other side of this outbreak.

Kyla Rowland and Women’s Mountain Retreat, like everyone else, have been closely monitoring the situation.  At the present time, we have made the decision to reschedule  Women’s Mountain Retreat for June 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2021 . As more information is available we will update the information on our websites as well as Kyla Rowland’s Facebook page.  We invite you to join us in prayer asking, trusting, and believing God will move in the most miraculous way and heal our land as only He can!  

We love you, and appreciate the opportunity and privilege of being a part of your lives during this time. We are optimistic about the future of our country and the world, and look forward to seeing you next year for Women’s Mountain Retreat 2021.         
























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