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A Brand New video Invitation from Kyla Rowland… Inviting YOU to Women’s Mountain Retreat 2014!

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Women’s Mountain Retreat

August 22, 23, 2014

Music Road Hotel Convention Center


Thursday, July 3rd, 2014


          59 days left until Women’s Mountain Retreat commences at Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge! 


          I have dreamed many dreams about this year’s meetings: the lost souls that will be found, the women of God who will find answers to prayers, those who will be enlightened, encouraged and emboldened to defy the Enemy and march valiantly onto the battlefield to fight the wars of these last days!

          We are determined to worship these two days solely on the moving and direction of the Holy Spirit—and what if he doesn’t come?  This is impossible!  He was the One who designed these meetings, so His not being there isn’t worth one moment’s doubt.

          It’s like having a beautifully wrapped gift that cannot be unwrapped until an appointed time—the anticipation brings great expectation, and in earthy gift we are sometimes disappointed, but not a gift straight from God’s storehouse.  The gifts He gives always exceed expectation.

          This year, we are entrusted with a grave responsibility and that is to speak directly to young girls, 8 to 13 years old.  At the first, my fear was that I am out of touch with this age group and may not be effective.

          But the Holy Spirit reminded me that God is not out of touch with them, and it is He who has a message for these priceless little treasures.  He has something to say to them and I, only a mouthpiece.

          New Deliverance has some beautiful new songs that are especially appropriate for girls their own age, but timeless in their power for all ages.  One especially, “Purpose”, says, “I don’t want to dream my own dreams—I want Your purpose, Lord, to live and shine through me.”

          This song is from our new project “A Family Affair.”  Barry Rowland and Deliverance will be singing new songs from this family album, as well as our group, Kyla Rowland and Deliverance.

          We will also be singing some with the great Ann Elser.  You, who have heard her, know that she is dripping with the oil of the Holy Anointing.

          And there’s more, much more—Heather Eaves and our Linda Hicks will make us laugh, cry and think deeply about who we are in Christ and what He expects of us.

          Ladies, don’t miss Women’s Mountain Retreat 2014: we all need to enjoy loving one another, loving Jesus, and magnify our wonderful, merciful God, full of grace!

          I’ll see you soon in Pigeon Forge!





Call (423) 312-9660 or visit www.womensmountainretreat.com to Register Today!

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Women of God, mention these meetings to the Master—tell Him how much we need Him.  He will hear and He will answer!

You don’t want to miss the next installment of

“The Blessings Of Being In Christ”


Learning to rest your faith in His promises


   Ron Martin has written one of the most probing, yet the most easily understood, essay on learning to trust God.

          When we, as His children, really understand God’s conditional promises, as well as His unconditional promises, this knowledge unveils some of the deep mysteries of the blessings of being in Christ.  The average Christian reads and enjoys the Word of God, then there are those who are constantly studying His Word, learning His law, as Psalm 119 instructs us to do.  Ron is in the latter category.  He has, over the years, searched the riches in God’s Word which actually belong to all of us.  Yet, for some reason, it’s difficult for us the unearth them.  Life is busy so it’s wonderful that the Lord has given servants like Ron an unquenchable thirst for the promises of God, and what a blessing that we can reap from his labor in the law of God.

          Part four of the blessings of being in Christ will be life changing to some, for many who read this work will discover how we can truly REST OUR FAITH IN GOD’S PROMISES.


Drinking from the fountain of Hope in Ron Martin’s series, Part 4 will create a greater thirst for the things of God.

HERE is another personal invitation from Kyla Rowland for Women’s Mountain Retreat 2014!

Click HERE to watch a personal invitation from Kyla Rowland for Women’s Mountain Retreat 2014!

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 Women's Mountain Retreat    Women's Mountain Retreat


  • Chapter 7 of Divide & Conquer is now online for your reading pleasure.  CLICK HERE to read it.
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