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**Update: November 16, 2015**

“The Pitiful, Powerful REMNANT!” – Part 2

          Many of us have, or did have, a grandmother, an aunt, some have mothers who enjoy saving small scraps of material: maybe from an old dress, a shirt, or pieces from any discarded clothing.

          Somehow, when they have collected enough scraps, they sit and sew.  Many use sewing machines today, but not in my family; everything was sewn by hand.  As my Great Aunt Gertie began piecing these scraps together, I noticed that they were all the same size, shape and color.  She had made a pattern from thick paper.

          When that stack was sewn together, she would begin on another, then another, and on and on, until, finally, she would lay out these large strips on a bed, or the dining room table.  Then, slowly methodically and patiently she would sew the large pieces together and, suddenly, a beautiful quilt top would being to unfold.

          How did she do that!?  I was amazed every time at how a paper grocery sack full of pieces of old clothes could be transformed into a beautiful quilt top.  Every piece fit to form flowers, or baskets or the image of a little boy and girl: under her arthritic, stubby little hands a thing of sheer beauty emerged.

          Then it was up to the attic where a large quilting frame hung from the ceiling.  First was a layer of muslin stretched tightly across the frame, then a layer of soft cotton batting and, finally, the top was carefully placed on the batting and pulled taut on little sharp nail-like things which stuck up from the entire edge of the wooden frame. 

          With needles, thread, thimble and scissors on the edge of the frame, Aunt Gertie, in her cushioned straw bottom chair, began sewing tiny, perfectly aligned stitches. 

          Often, women from the church, or from the neighborhood would come and spend the afternoon gathered around the framed quilt, sewing the same perfect tiny stitches. 

If all went well, two to three months later, a beautiful, warm, cozy quilt was carefully lifted from the frame, and, proudly, displayed on one of her featherbeds.  Oooo’s and Ahhh’s was the reaction from everyone who saw this lovely creation. 

          What continue to amaze and puzzle me is seeing two of these quilts lying on my beds—still beautiful, and every stitch still intact.

          This lovely work from Aunt Gertie’s hands will be passed on to my children and grandchildren, all because a master quilter saved unwanted scraps of material which had, it seemed, no use, no worth at all.  But in loving, caring and patient hands, these scraps will be keeping our families warm and cozy for generations.

          A REMNANT is “that which remains of a thing, a group of people, etc.  the remainder, the rest.  A survivor of something; a fragment, a small portion, a scrap.”

          The last definition fits God’s faithful few; “A remaining trace of some quality, belief or condition.”

          There is a scrappy bunch today, just as there was in the days of and surrounding the seventy-year captivity of Judah.  It is astounding how the lives of God’s people today resemble the lives of those who were taken from Jerusalem. 

          Even after they were freed by the Persian King, Cyrus, when he defeated Babylon, there were many who liked this Babylon, this place where they could prosper financially.  Many Israelites were able to feather their nest in this godless land and didn’t care anything about returning to the rock and ruin of Jerusalem…but a REMNANT did. 

Isaiah 1:9 “Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah.” 

Kyla will be posting #Three shortly!

She understands that only a few will be interested

in this subject, but those who follow it out

of curiosity just may be touched and begin to

care deeply about God’s people who care deeply about

Truth and what God is looking for in His children.


**New Article** Posted: November 12, 2015

“The Pitiful, Powerful REMNANT!”


          This thought often causes me grief… ‘If I could have had this mindset when I was younger and full of energy and stamina…’  It is a tired and worn phrase, “If only.”  Very few live a lifetime without saying it—feeling it at least once.

          I have always believed that “if” is the saddest word in any language.  That word must ring out constantly by those who have missed Heaven, by old men and women who could have raised their children differently, or by those who could have kept a marriage together; by Christians everywhere who reach their twilight years and wish so much that they had lived a more surrendered life, surrendered absolutely to the cause of Christ…it’s almost as though they can reverse their situation if they wish hard enough.

          “If” very seldom brings a reprieve; it is cruel and not accustomed to giving second chances.  Yet, I have been given a tiny window of time to fulfill my dream: I dream of an ARMY. 

          I not only dream of an army, but work feverishly to make up for lost opportunities, for life-changing moments and for complete fulfillment.

          My life, in these later years, is proof of a mercy so sweet it overwhelms me daily.  It is a testimony of Grace you think will never come; it is the story of a “REMNANT.”


To Be Continued…

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