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Christmas Greeting


          The wire is stretched across the stage, held by two nails in the side walls; what passes for a curtain, which swags in the middle, is pulled back and three men dressed like shepherds, as we would think they would be dressed, are looking up, supposedly to the sky, to a cut out star, covered in aluminum foil: yes, hanging from another wire.

          This all sounds dreary, cheap, even embarrassing, but that’s not at all the case. The acting is rigid and stuttering, the homemade props could hardly fool anyone. The costumes had been duly washed and ironed, and had they been fitted properly, would have been passable.

          It’s all still beautiful in my memories. These folks had worked hard for weeks, preparing to present this Christmas play. They had given many Sunday afternoons to rehearse.

          The acting, the props and costumes were of the finest quality they could manage. The most beautiful part of these plays were the hearts of those who worked diligently to make it happen. They were country people every one, people who loved that Baby represented in the makeshift manger.

          There was a humility that spawned a sincerity and my memory is of a country church where Daddy preached, Mother played the piano, and the sweet choir sang, “O, Little Town Of Bethlehem” a little off key and I wish I could go back! Go back to women shouting God’s praises, men who were dedicated, no nonsense, hard working men of God!

          No, it wasn’t all perfect, but it had that one ingredient which no one displayed more than Jesus Christ! He came of lowly birth, He died a humiliating, horrific death, and all because He loved you and me.

          I send this Christmas wish to everyone who stops by this website; I pray that it would be Christmas every day in 2017, that the love, the humility and the adoration given to our Redeemer would be alive and real in us these next 365 days!

          Love to all with a great hope that this time next year, Jesus will be sweeter to our hearts than ever before.


Kyla and Bob



**Updated: December 2, 2016**

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