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Women’s Mountain Retreat 2018 Overview

I certainly didn’t want to write a long review of WMR 2018 because it’s almost

time to begin writing about WMR 2019, which we’ll begin just any day: but

first, let us relish the beauty, the Glory and the thrill of the meetings we just



“Experienced” is the only word that would come close to being appropriate for

what several hundred women just enjoyed at the Ramsey Hotel Convention

Center, Light 6 in Pigeon Forge, TN!


There’s a lovely hotel behind Cheddar’s Restaurant at that Light number.  To

pass by, glance over to the right, one would think, “Just another hotel in an

area thick with them!” After all,  Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg is a very

popular tourist area where folks come from everywhere to be entertained and

have fun, however, this was not the case on August 23, 24 & 25 just past.


On these three days the Convention Center at Ramsey Hotel in Pigeon Forge

was a place to meet with God; to hear the sweetest music this side of Heaven,

hear anointed speakers talk of the wonder of Him, a place where God’s Glory

filled the room through the power of the Holy Spirit!


It was a place where people were rejoicing, shouting God’s praises, where the

lost were knelt and finding Jesus precious to the soul, broken hearts were

being mended, the God of all Glory was removing burdens from the shoulders

of women weary and some even hopeless:  Graciously, compassionately,

the Lord took their burdens, letting them know “He” would carry them from

now on and they could walk away lighthearted and free of pain!


If you do not come to the beautiful Ramsey Hotel next August 22,23 & 24, 2019,

you may miss God’s mighty Hand as He unlocks that prison of fear and worry in which the Enemy has tried to lock you, bind you!


Women’s Mountain Retreat is the best of everything from Heaven, and how

sweet to share it with other women who long to live valiantly by and through

God’s Amazing Grace!


Sending All My Love,

Kyla Rowland


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