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          Does it seem only a few months ago we were gathered at Music Road Hotel Convention Center in Pigeon Forge—singing, shouting, crying at the altar, or having a good laugh at ourselves over something only women would find funny?

          Oh, how totally involved our Lord was in the “Wall Of Prayer” of 2014!  And, yes, He continues to be involved as women of God still pray and plead over “The Box”!  That Box that holds our deepest needs; the Box that God has anointed and blest beyond all we hoped for.

          So many needs have been met, so many souls have been born again, the sick healed…so many broken hearts mended through the power of God on and working through women who continue to offer up sacrificial cries and pleas!  What a God!  What a Savior!  We see Him through the Holy Spirit and are hungry still for His power and presence!

          Women, my friends, sisters-in-Christ, while we rejoice over the miracles of 2014 that will materialize for years to come, we look forward to only weeks from now when we gather, once again, in that place in the mountains!  And what a blessed assurance from the Throne Room that we won’t have to pray the Holy Spirit down, that we won’t have to ask God to show up once we have met together.

          God, Himself, has given His promise that He will already be there, WAITING for us: that He has the table already spread with the Blood of Calvary, whereby, we can dine on good things from above—salvation for the lost, Heavenly Manna for the hungry, waters of life for the thirsty and a Holy army of angels to watch over us as we worship our Friend!

          There will be an unlimited supply of Grace, Mercy—of balm from Gilead for the broken and joy unspeakable and full of Glory!  All of these blessings of God will be given that we might obtain that most precious of gifts—Peace!  Peace that replaces whatever battle we are facing.

          I look forward to worshipping with you.  I long to see my sisters, and especially that one who has not yet met the Savior.


         All my love,



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Note: We have not mentioned those who may need to register “at the door.”  Certainly, you can register at the door when you get there, and everyone will be given a seat, as long as they last.  Every possible effort will be given to see that you are seated.


           In Mark 1 we see our Savior being led to the wilderness, by the Holy Ghost, to be tempted of Satan.  It was an important lesson on many levels; for God’s children, we learn that we can overcome Satan through the Word of God.  Jesus, of course, is the “Word.”  “And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and His name is called “The Word Of God” (Revelation 19:13).

          Jesus, the written Word; Jesus, the Redeemer, the Victor; Jesus, all we need every day, in every situation.

          Even the great Apostle Paul was hindered by Satan, “Wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again; but Satan hindered us” (I Thessalonians 2:18).

          Paul was determined to preach Jesus and Him crucified!  Oh my, when God’s children work for the cause of Christ with all our hearts, Satan is sure to try and hinder.

          Satan has, from the beginning of Women’s Mountain Retreat, tried to hinder the endeavor of the women of God to learn how to work more effectively in this labor of love.  Yes, he has caused pain and made it known that he intends to destroy this work.

          The enemy of God has tried to do all within his limited power to silence this conference, and just when I thought we had seen the worst of his trick, we erected a “Wall Of Prayer.”  From this Wall have come blessings, victories—miracles beyond all we could ask or think, and more opposition than we could have imagined.  Clearly, the enemy of God hates this wall!

          The first blessing was how God was pouring out His Spirit on the women who are praying over “The Box.”  It is a box filled with every conceivable request; praying for sinners, for Christians who have grown cold, for children of all ages, and wounded soldiers of the Cross, for churches, prayers for our nation, for Israel—the list is long and filled with great and urgent need.

          One reoccurring request is for “Revival.”  Revival in our hearts, our churches, communities, our nation—“Oh, God, send Revival,” these women have pleaded in the Throne of Grace.

          And, then there is my personal burden; a burden that is a joy to me—to pray for the men of God—the Shepherds who must feed God’s children, protect them from the enemy; Shepherds who must bear the burdens of the little sheep entrusted in their care.

          My blessed Mother passed away October 8, 2003 at 8:00 p.m.  God came to me at 4:00 that afternoon, and not with an audible voice, but in my heart the Holy Spirit brought the message, “I am coming to get your Mother at 8:00 this evening, have everyone gathered at her bedside.”

          I did that.  At five minutes before 8:00 p.m., we gathered and began to sing hymns, all of us looking intently at the big clock on the wall by her bed.  With the small hand of the clock on the eight, the larger second hand moved around the face of that clock.  When it was on the twelve, exactly between the one and the two of the number twelve, she stopped breathing.  Jesus had been waiting in that room.  He carried her Home at His promised appointed hour.

          I grabbed hold of Bob, “Oh, it hurts, honey…I didn’t know it would hurt so bad…”  Then, that same voice spoke to my heart, “I am entrusting you with your Mother’s mantle.”

          My reaction, “Oh, no, I can’t!  I’m not the warrior my Mother was…Oh, how can I live up to this?”  And what was her mantle?


          “To maintain a “Wall of Prayer” around the men of God—the undershepherd of God’s sheep!”


I have heard Eulalia cry and plead for God’s man; I have seen her pray through-out many a day and night, begging God to protect them, give them wisdom, to pour oil on them every time they stood behind the sacred desk…every day, year after year, this little warrior stood in the gap for every appointed man, called to “preach the Word.” 

          She prayed for sinners, for her children and for every request we would bring her, she prayed for each and every one with equal fervency and dedication; but it was ‘the preacher” who remained at the top of her list until her dying breath!

          Did she broadcast this…tell every preacher she met of her divine appointment to keep them before the Father day and night? Never.  Not Ever!

          The women who are praying over this Box are warriors, many of them, like Mother, with special assignments.  These are women who are moving the hand of an Almighty God!!  They seek no notice, no admiration or even a “thank you.”  They seek answers!  They seek miracles from the only One able to give them.   But I want to thank them!  Not only those who pray with The Box in their presence, but all those who are praying, not only for the needs in that Box, but for the women who have it in their care—a different group of God’s little soldiers every thirty days.

          Is His Hand moving?  Beyond all expectation!  Sinners, young and old, are being saved, homes are being put back together, God is making glorious promises concerning our beloved America, wayward children are coming home, the sick are receiving Grace upon Grace, and, yes, the Holy Spirit is moving around that Sacred Desk in many churches—hovering like a cloud of Glory.

          Certainly, church folk who have never heard of The Box,  have been praying diligently for their churches and their pastors, and this concentrated, consecrated prayer of the women, who meet to pray over these many needs from so many hurting people, has surely been a boost to the praying already being done. 

           Is the Enemy angry?  Livid!  Angry and fighting with everything in his arsenal of weapons—everything our God will allow!  But Satan is a defeated foe.  Women’s Mountain Retreat will go on!

          We will sing, women will minister to women the magnificence of a Holy God and His ultimate gift of Love—His Son—born of a virgin, crucified, and risen the third day, and, glory to God, coming soon!

          Then, we will continue to pray, and pray longer, more earnestly, more intently than ever before!  And Women’s Mountain Retreat will survive every storm until the Lord of All says this work is done.

          Women of God; Women of Faith; The Father is pleased with your sincere dedication and your determination to “work ‘till Jesus comes again”!

          And, I thank you.  My heart is so full of love for God, for His Son and the Blessed Holy Spirit, who, every day, continues to comfort us and reveal great Truths.  And precious women, courageous warriors, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  You haven’t fainted on the battlefield and God is taking notice of your undying love for Him, and those in need.

 ~Kyla Rowland


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Women’s Mountain Retreat Update

          This year at WMR there were “Walls of Prayer” erected.  Women were encouraged to write their deepest needs and drop them in the prayer boxes provided. 

          The requests were loaded into one box and thus began their journey to ladies’ groups in the twelve churches who volunteered to keep them and pray for them for one month.  At the end of a month, they send the box to the next group of ladies.  At the end of the twelve months it will be time for Women’s Mountain Retreat 2015.

          Reports are beginning to surface regarding prayers that are being answered.  Not only are the prayers in the box being answered, but the ladies who are laboring over these needs are discovering that the power of God, the Holy Ghost, is blessing them in so many ways: a sweet togetherness, a witness that God is hearing their prayers, a sure sign He will answer them, and, then, an intimate, surprisingly wonderful fellowship with the Lord on an individual basis.

          The Traveling Prayer Box is nothing but Good News from the Throne Room for those who desperately want their requests answered, but also for those women of God who are unselfishly attending to them.

          It is no wonder, then that God sent the Holy Spirit to our hearts and revealed the theme for 2015—“THE REMNANT.”  This theme speaks of all that is happening with the prayer box: it fulfills, not only God’s commands on prayer, but “The Remnant” speaks of God’s children united and determined to do all we can do to carry on the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

          The bonus is the many blessings attached to II Chronicles 7:14, the blessings attached to loving one another and praying “oft and with one another.”

          God wants His children united, working shoulder to shoulder, humble and obedient to His will and believing there is nothing too hard for our God to do!

          Personally, I am bursting with “joy unspeakable and full of glory!”  Our Heavenly Father knows us as women.  He placed in us a tenacious nature that will not give up; a nature to work, and wait, and believe that the possibilities are limitless in realizing God’s power on our lives, on our church and our pastor, on our children and sisters-in-Christ and power on America!

          We don’t have to shake our heads in hopelessness, or wring our hands, worrying about what dangers, toils and snares are waiting in our future!  We have, within us, a power to see the impossible become victorious certainty!

~Kyla Rowland

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Women’s Mountain Retreat 2014: The Report!

Following Women’s Mountain Retreat, I write a review. Thinking about this year’s meetings, I hardly knew where to begin in describing how real and powerful those two days were: I didn’t have to, as it turns out.  I received this email from a lady I have long admired.  Nancy has described the essence, the very heartbeat of Women’s Mountain Retreat.

~Kyla Rowland

Ms. Kyla,
        Once again I returned home from retreat blessed to overflowing. The Holy Spirit was so very much present in all of the services, right from the start of Ms. Aquilla’s opening prayer to Bro. Barry’s closing prayer. I felt His presence even before the services started on Friday night.  Talking to Aquilla in the hotel lobby as she waited for her room to be ready, sitting in the lobby watching ladies arriving and checking in, and walking over to the conference center a few times just standing in the lobby, standing outside the door listening to the sound checks and watching ladies come and go, checking in at the table or registering.  I decided to take in as much of the activities of the day that I could and try to stay in an attitude of prayer Friday for the services.
        I felt that every part of the services were anointed by the Holy Spirit. Everything spoken or sung renewed my heart and spirit. It was wonderful to see the younger Pastor’s wives lay their hands upon the young girls and pray for them.  During the 70’s and 80’s I was a nanny for my Pastor’s family for 15 years.  As I looked into the faces of those young wives I couldn’t help but think about how different things are for them now and think of all the challenges they are facing today. 
        My heart broke as I watch many ladies taking their prayer requests to the wall. I wondered about the different burdens placed upon that wall.  Then my heart rejoiced as I remembered who they were giving their burdens too; The Heavenly Father, who cares for His children and their needs.  The Savior who can send the right person to share the gospel with lost loved ones.  The Great Physician who still heals and comforts today.  I want you to know that I also will be praying for the requests put in the box that will be going from church to church. 
      Thank you, Ms. Kyla for being a woman of God who invites the Holy Spirit into all that you do. 
Keeping you and Bob always in my prayers

Sister Nancy


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