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Women’s Mountain Retreat

August 22, 23, 2014

Music Road Hotel Convention Center

          No program, not one moment designed by human intervention—this is how Women’s Mountain Retreat will be conducted in 2014.  How many times and how many ways does Jesus instruct us to “Take no thought…” He says this concerning what we will eat, or wear or say. 

          This does not mean we will not be prepared, for certainly, much preparation is in progress.  The theme is “Wall of Prayer” and walls are being constructed, prayers are being prayed for all the needs that will be posted on these walls.  Musicians are tuning up, singers are praying over songs and speakers are studying and seeking God’s will, so when the Holy Spirit points to a singer, speaker or musician, they will be ready, but will only minister as dictated by our Commander-in-chief—the Holy God of all Glory!

          Is this giving me pause; is there anxiety?  Of course there are moments, but only in my flesh; only when the Enemy tries to frighten me—yet, Satan’s threats only confirm that we are in God’s perfect will. Satan gives himself away with his protests!  When he endeavors to frighten and dissuade me, I use Jesus’ example in the wilderness when the Holy Spirit led Him there to be tempted of Satan…I quote scripture to the Old Deceiver. 

          One that has worked very well, concerning our meetings this year, is Psalm 60:12. “Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.”

Don’t Miss This Blessing

          God has blessings already prepared for all of us, and many blessings which will be specific to a number of hurting hearts.  God wants to show His love, His care and His unlimited power; it is a matter of presenting to Him our helplessness coupled with a Faith that says, “I know He is able—I am persuaded—I will not allow the Enemy to rob me of my miracle…an answer to prayer designed just for my need.”

          What makes our prayers so powerful during meetings with our sisters is that we won’t be praying alone but we will be shoulder to shoulder with other women.  For these two days we, as sisters-in-Christ, will bear one another’s burdens—our fears and doubts and things that cause our hearts to hurt (things that men sometimes accuse us of being over-dramatic about), but feelings that other women understand perfectly. 

          Women of God, mention these meetings to the Master—tell Him how much we need Him.  He will hear and He will answer!

2014 WOMEN’S MOUNTAIN RETREAT INFORMATION (Click on the images below to view the information)

 Women's Mountain Retreat    Women's Mountain Retreat


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