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Updated 11-15-18

Blessed Thanksgiving”

With God’s children every day is Thanksgiving Day! Every day our precious Lord gets sweeter and we find afresh and anew that we are benefactors of incredible gifts; Salvation being chief among them!

Before I open up any further, I want to thank you, on behalf of Olivia’s family, for every mention of her name. God heard your pleas, for she is out of the hospital, and now going through a battery of tests to identify the cause and the cure of the horrific seizure this child went through! Olivia’s family are Christians and understand the prayer before the Great Physician is certainly effective! (I’ll keep you posted).

Those who would see our President impeached never give up, but then, neither will we. Think of how hated Abraham Lincoln was hated and tormented, until, finally, the haters got their wish; he was murdered!

There is a hatred so powerful it has no reason, no logic! Reason would tell us that Donald Trump has done more for America than anyone dreamed possible; he is hated for that; the prayers of a faithful Remnant has aided him in these amazing facts…they hate him and us for this.

Their greatest problem is that we have only begun!

We fight this battle very differently; we cry out to Holy God, for Jesus said concerning His Father, “For with God nothing shall be impossible to you” (Luke 1:37).

Let us thank God for His blessings that cannot be numbered; Let us lift up our President…pray a wall of prayer about him, and ask God to grant him wisdom and power to face his enemies each day, while realizing there is a Remnant of Prayer Warriors surrounding him!

I love each of you so deeply and dearly; over and over you have proven your power with God, and your faithfulness in trusting Him with life’s most difficult problems!






































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