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Women’s Mountain Retreat 2020 has been rescheduled!

Our world is currently experiencing something unlike any of us have ever experienced.  The Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting our normal day to day lives worldwide, and in a short time we have all had our lives impacted in one way or another, but God is, and always has been in control!  We believe that as Christians, the Church, and The Greatest Nation on earth, we can persevere and, by His Amazing Grace, make it victoriously to the other side of this outbreak.

Kyla Rowland and Women’s Mountain Retreat, like everyone else, have been closely monitoring the situation.  At the present time, we have made the decision to reschedule  Women’s Mountain Retreat for June 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2021 . As more information is available we will update the information on our websites as well as Kyla Rowland’s Facebook page.  We invite you to join us in prayer asking, trusting, and believing God will move in the most miraculous way and heal our land as only He can!  

We love you, and appreciate the opportunity and privilege of being a part of your lives during this time. We are optimistic about the future of our country and the world, and look forward to seeing you next year for Women’s Mountain Retreat 2021.         



Crying Out For Our Children

(The Karen Swecker Story)

No one touches our hearts quite like a child in need, or a grieving mother!  I’m sure you have sympathized with this mother, felt an aching in your heart, and had questions, such as, “Why would God allow this to happen to such a precious Christian family?”

For these questions, there are no satisfactory answers.  Their son, DJ, seems to make it through all his trials with a smile on his sweet face, praising the Lord for His blessings!

We have read how this mom did everything possible to get help for her son!  We’ll never know how many prayers she and DJ’s dad have prayed, how they sacrificed time, money and whatever showed any possibility of helping DJ lead as normal a life as possible!  They don’t regret one mile they traveled, one dollar they spent, or one tear they shed! 

At times, their journey has been very long, very lonely, but worth it all!

Through the years, I have been approached by countless parents, mostly mothers, whose heart was hurting, broken, as they grieved over a son or daughter who wasn’t well; who was very sick with no hope of being healed…cured!

For those physically sick, mothers such as Karen can understand; they can emphasize.  Then, for those children who are sin-sick, any number of mothers can look into your eyes and diagnose your case!

Children physically sick then for all ages, sick with guilt; hurting from the shame they have caused their family, but, seemingly, their case is hopeless, and their families are imprisoned in their grief and sorrow!

It doesn’t have to be that way!  Those who decide they have no future of joy, no happiness or peace… these are the ones who have completely given up on God!  Their reasons vary:

         I don’t deserve any better…

         I’m not worth God’s time…

         I haven’t lived close enough to God;

          this is my punishment…

          Hope is useless; Peace?  I hardly

          know what it feels like anymore!

Karen Swecker knows about Grace… she is very aware of God’s forever love, and she is blest to be surrounded by Christian brothers and sisters who lift her and her family up to that “Room Called Grace” … to God’s throne room of Grace!

Karen, her sweet husband and beautiful daughter… the entire family at home, the family at our church, we love DJ. : One cannot help loving this young man in the wheel chair who cannot walk, cannot be understood when he talks… we all dearly love him, and it isn’t altogether compassion, no, it is something much deeper, much richer… DJ is a “Fire Starter!”

The choir may be singing, one of our soloist, trios; someone may be testifying or Bro. Lamb preaching: if the Holy Spirit is sanctioning this Praise to Jesus in any manner, it seems our DJ is the first to know… he “knows when the Holy Ghost is in the sanctuary pouring out Power and blessing!

The Glory of God comes down and we all begin to rejoice…DJ begins to rejoice, and for a few wonderful moments, it’s like Pentecost!  Worship doesn’t get any better than God’s children shouting God’s praises, waving our arms toward Heaven, crying as the Spirit blesses; many fall on the Mourner’s Benches just to tell Jesus how much they love Him, or, they want to leave unsaved children, husbands on that altar, and walk away free of that burden!  All because a crippled young man stays in touch with Heaven and Starts A Beautiful Fire!!

Ladies, please!  Make a way every Wednesday, somehow, someway, to cry out together, alone, or with some Sisters: I am begging you: Each and every Wednesday

“Cry Out For Our Children!”

P.S. I want to remind you from time to time!

        Let’s pray miracles down on our Blessed, Beautiful,

        Needy children!

All my love,























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