kylaHusband:  Bob
Children:  Allyson & Barry

1975 “He Will Roll You Over The Tide” The Cookes, The Inspirations

1980 “Wedding Invitation” Top Five Song and Song Of The Year Nominee

1992 #1 Song “One Scarred Hand” Gold City

1992 Dove Award and Singing News Fan Award Winner for:
“There Rose A Lamb” Gold City

1994 “Royal Descendant” Top Ten Song The Perrys

1997 “He’s Still On The Throne” Top 5 Song Gold City

1997 Nominee for Dove Award “He’s Still On The Throne”

1999 Top Five Song “Wall Of Prayer”

2001 Cumulative Project “A Tribute to the songs of Kyla Rowland”

2002 Number One Song
“ I Rest My Case At The Cross”
Song of the Year by So Gospel
The Perrys #1

2002 “I Rose To Riches” Ivan Parker
Top 20 Song

2002 “Safe Thus Far” The Hoskins Family
Number One Song and Dove Nomination
BMI award

2002 “Still Blessed” by The Perrys
Number Two Song

2003 “I Can, I Have, I Will” by the Perrys
Song of the Year Nominee

2003 “God Handled It All” by Gold City
Song of the Year Nominee

2003 “God Handled It All” #1 Song of the year
Sign Scoops

2004 Marquis Who’s Who in America Enlistee

2004 BMI award for “God Handled It All” Gold City.

2004 Songwriter’s Showcase of the National Quartet Convention recognized Kyla Rowland as a MASTER COMPOSER

2005 “His Response” Top 40 Mercy’s Mark

2005 “Out Of Harms Way” Top 40 Tony McGee & New Covenant

2005 “Damascus Road” Top 10 The Perrys

2006 Songwriter Of The Year: Harmony Awards

2006 “His Name Was John” Top 5 The Perrys

2006 “I Needed To Hear That Today” Mark Trammell Trio

2006 “Something’s Happening” Mercy’s Mark: The Hoppers, 2011

2007 “He Will Hide Me” Song Of The Year Nominee The Perrys

2008 “Holy Shore” Top 10 The Perrys

2009 “The Past Is A Promise” #1 The Whisnants

2010 “Loving The Lamb” Top 10  Mark Trammell Quartet

2011 “Did I Mention” #1 The Perry’s 

2012 “I Can Still Pray Through”  Top 20 Barry Rowland and Deliverance

2012 “I Made It By Grace”  The McKamey’s

2012 “He Took My Case”  Top 20 Barry Rowland and Deliverance

2013 “We’ll Go Down Standing Up”  Top 20 Barry Rowland and Deliverance

2011 “How Blessed” Top 10 Mike Bowling Trio

2013 “I Got A Hold of God This Morning”  #1 The Perrys

2014 “Somebody Go Get God”  Top 20 Barry Rowland and Deliverance

2014 “Our Third Day”  Top 20 Barry Rowland and Deliverance

2015  “One Glorious Moment of Faith”  #1 The Bowlings

2016  “Every Time I Need Him”  The Perrys

2018 “He Can’ Follow Me Home”  Top 20 Barry Rowland and Deliverance

2022 Inducted into the SGMA Hall of Fame

Numerous Favorite Songwriter Nominations: Singing News Fan Awards.

Kyla also has a ladies ministry called Pray A Day—a woman somewhere is praying 365 days a year!

Books By Kyla Rowland:

“Between Me & The Storm”,

“Girl Talk”,

“Everyday Life”

“Long Journey”

“Something’s Happening” 2012

“Divide and Conquer”

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